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5 Beautiful and Minimalist Monitor Stand Risers

5 Beautiful and Minimalist Monitor Stand Risers

You can work as efficiently as possible with a minimalist monitor stand riser. This is due to the ergonomic workspace a monitor stand for your monitor will create. With its sleek design, the minimalist style can improve the appearance of your desk area. The drawers will also give you a place to store your keyboard and other necessary items.

Benefits of a Monitor Stand Riser

It prevents chronic conditions and injuries

A minimalist monitor stand riser will stop any chronic conditions in their tracks. This is because it enables you to align your whole body. Your eyes, back, and neck won't be subjected to any needless strain. As a result, it prevents both chronic conditions and workplace injuries.

Aids in the reduction of stress

You can store your laptop and keyboard with the aid of a desk monitor stand riser with organizer drawers. Your workspace will become more organized as a result. Therefore, if you must work long hours, these desktop shelf risers can help you feel less stressed. As a result, your productivity will rise rather than suffer.

Improves Posture

A monitor stand riser may impact your posture with drawers whose height is fixed. So it's crucial to look for flexible monitor stand risers. You can change both the height and the angle in the first option. Lining up the absolute position of your monitor stand riser with your body helps to improve your posture.

5 Minimalist Monitor Stand Risers

1. Walnut Riser Wooden Monitor Stand

If you are looking for something that will not take up much of your desk space, this is the wooden monitor stand for you. It comes with a brief appearance and a small design. This monitor stand riser serves the same purpose as a TV stand.
Most items are kept in the area below. For instance, you are free to save your mouse, phone, and other things.

2. Wooden Dual Monitor Stand

You can keep your monitor on the wooden dual riser monitor stand, providing extra storage. This monitor riser stand comes with two different drawers. You can store your office supplies, pens, and important sticky notes in these.
It will have a minimalist appearance thanks to the wooden desk shelf with the organizer. Its framework is finished with a lovely coating and is strong.

3. Airfoil Riser Monitor Stand (Wooden)

We know that wood will always give a space a vintage feel. However, this desk with monitor stand's distinctive design was also inspired by the wing of the aircraft in addition to the material. Thanks to the grooves in the centre and on both sides, you can place your mobile phone, earphones, sticky notes, and other accessories more conveniently.
By keeping the keyboard inside, this desk with monitor shelf mount enables you to keep a tidy appearance. It has a 100-pound weight capacity. Additionally, it is a very simple tool that takes little time to become accustomed to.

4. Monitor Desk Organizing Shelf

A monitor stand with drawer from Craft Kitties will improve the functionality of your typical desk in several ways. It has two drawers up front where you can store a notebook, additional HDMI cables, and your wireless mouse.
It has a strong, sturdy construction and can support up to 80 pounds. This minimalist shelf riser is the best option among computer desk designs for you. Between the tabletop and the drawers, there is plenty of room to store your keyboard and small laptop.

5. Walnut Computer Riser Solid Wood Desk Shelf

One of the best home office tech necessities is this monitor stand riser from Craft Kitties. It is a desk that is strong and durable. Its H-shaped construction can support up to sixteen kilograms of weight. Additionally, you can raise your monitor by 4.7 inches to ease back, neck, and shoulder pain.
Protecting you from chronic illnesses and injuries and enhancing your posture keep you healthy. The majority of your office supplies, including your paperwork, notepads, paper, and smartphones, can be held there. This will eliminate all the clutter in your workspace and keep it spotless. Additionally, it is a fantastic way for you to conserve some space.
It doesn't need to be put together in any way. This is because you only need to remove the drawer from its box. Its pre-assembly allows it to be constantly prepared for use. The dimensions are four inches high, eleven inches wide, and fifteen inches long.


An ergonomic improvement on the more traditional desks is monitor stand risers. As a result, it has many advantages that will help you have a productive workspace. You won't experience discomforts like neck, back, or shoulder pain. You'll be able to correct your posture and take preventative measures against any chronic illness.
The drawers contribute to extra storage. Keyboards, laptops, and important papers can all be stored. Consequently, you can conserve space.
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