Mouse Pad

Wooden Monitor Stand

The wooden monitor stand is ideal if you work fat a desk. But also allows you to have better desktop storage. Productive people spend more time on their computers these days.

The monitor stand can boost your working performance by raising your monitor/laptop about 3.14 inches (8 cm) to an ergonomic position at an eye-level, relieving your strain on the eye, neck, and shoulder.

Beautifully designed, it will offer you unmatched comfort while you work and be a great decorative piece that will fit almost all interiors.

The universal walnut monitor stand is suitable for a computer monitor, iMac, Laptop, Printer, TV, and LCD Display. The ideal addition to any home, office, dorm, or workspace.

Craft Kitties premium elevated monitor risers are crafted from nature. Just enjoy the richness of the natural wood that makes each stand unique from our monitor stand.