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Are Monitor Stands Good For Posture?

Are Monitor Stands Good For Posture?

A wooden monitoir stand for your computer keeps your spreadsheets and email inbox at eye level, preventing you from stooping over the keyboard. In addition, a sturdy stand will free up desk space, allowing for a better organized workspace. Use stacks of books to try out different heights before making a purchase. When you are certain of your ideal height, you might want to buy one of these stands. Your sore shoulders will be grateful.

Room to organize: Wooden Monitor Stand With Two Drawers

This monitor stand with drawer is 3.9 inches tall and comes with two levels so that you can keep your laptop on a different level from your keyboard and mouse, leaving more space on your desk. It’s made from red oak, which is more sustainable and gives the stand a natural, smooth look. The upper compartments are adjustable so that you can create up to two draws for office essentials.

Take it with you: Walnut Wood Monitor Stand

Walnut Monitor Holder is great if you want to try the whole standing desk thing without committing to spending hundreds on a new work surface.
The walnut has a strong character, a fairly pronounced colour that varies from a light brown to a dark brown veined with black. It is a noble wood that darkens slightly over time. It is a popular wood for cabinetmakers since it is a strong, easy-to-work high-end wood.
Red oak has a distinctive mountain-shaped wood grain texture, beautiful and generous to the touch. It has a good texture, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is a high-grade wood.

Most versatile: iMac Wood Monitor Stand With USB Ports

This Imac riser shelf may hold a computer monitor, iMac, laptop, printer, TV, or LCD display. Ideal for any house, office, dorm, or workspace.
The whole Red Oak board is cut from original nature wood. With a 1.7kg weight board and 4 brass feet, our monitor stand is stable and easy to assemble. 1.2 inches (3.5cm) extra thickness gives it a strong loading of up to 176 lbs.
Enhance your desktop by creating more storage space and easy access for your mouse, keyboard and other stuff, saving your worktop space and keeping your working place neat and organized.

Best for minimalists: Splicing Design Wooden Monitor Stand

If you only need your monitor to be raised slightly, or if you want a monitor stand to hide some of your sticky note clutter, this Walnut Computer Riser Solid Wood Desk Shelf is a great choice. It’s elegantly designed and available in various colours, including space grey, silver, gold, and rose gold. The height is 3.14 inches, and you’ll be able to store a small keyboard and mouse underneath.
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