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How Monitor Stands Keep You Healthy

How Monitor Stands Keep You Healthy

The health results of inactive working

Sitting for long periods (as at work) substantially increases the danger of:

  • Thrombosis (embolism).
  • Stroke.
  • Anxiety.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders and pain.
  • Metabolic issues.
A Columbia University study likewise found that sedentary workers have a nearly two-fold more significant risk of death than those who sit in 30-minute stretches. This boost in mortality is independent of exercise level.

This has led Dr. James Levine, a Teacher at the Mayo Center, to state that "sitting is the brand-new smoking cigarettes." Workers understand the threats of inactive work, and thus the CraftKitties wood minitor stand can boost the happiness and office complete satisfaction of an increasingly health-conscious workforce.

Affordable office sitting posture increases health and performance, producing concrete advantages for workers and businesses.

Standing boosts blood flow to the brain, providing it with an increase in the oxygen-rich red cell, which is shown to enhance energy levels and concentration. Indeed, the Texas A&M Health Science Centre research found changing to standing might increase efficiency by 46%. The success of any service is contingent on the effectiveness and productivity of its workforce; CraftKitties enables companies to get the most out of their workers and consequently enhances organizational performance.

All services might soon be required to provide monitor stands for their employees; CraftKitties is the most cost-effective and least disruptive method to fulfill this requirement.

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Devices) Regulations (1992) and the European Directive on display screen work (1993) already obligate UK companies to provide height-adjustable stands. It looks significantly like these policies might be upgraded to require companies to offer monitor stands. Over 80% of Scandinavian services use monitor stands, and they are currently a mandatory requirement in Denmark. In June 2015, a statement supported by Public Health England (PHE) stated that employers need to "promote the avoidance of extended periods of inactive work" and concluded that office-based employees should go for two to four hours towering above the working day. As a result, substantial services including Intel, Sky, Zenith, Google and Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, AOL, and the BBC are currently providing monitor stands to their staff members.

CraftKitties is the most inexpensive and least disruptive method to present a Sensible workplace sitting posture in your workplace. The CraftKitties stand consists of 4 thoroughly sculpted pieces of wood that slot efficiently and quickly together. No screws or glue are needed to assemble it in less than a minute. As the stand is easy to dismantle and make, there is no need to fork out hefty installation charges. When not in use, any worker can put it together and put it away.

The Advantages of Using a Monitor Stand.

Want to come out on top of the competition? Invest in a cutting-edge CraftKitties monitor stand. Our stands effortlessly fuse form and function, using you as an essential way to hack your productivity and feel your most pleasing boss self.

Making the smart switch to a monitor stand has many benefits and is clinically proven to be much better for your physical and mental well-being. In addition, you'll enjoy the following rewards with your CraftKitties monitor riser.
Supercharged Efficiency: Slouching is not only a state of physical inertia but also a state of psychological energy.

Enormous Manager Energy: It's incredible how much of a difference your posture can make. Standing up and working makes you feel more confident, more assertive, and ready to tackle any challenge with absolute ease.

Provide Your Back A Break: Sitting in one position crumples up your spinal column, leading to uncomfortable, persistent pain in the back. Correct that sucker out by standing tall while you work. You'll save a fortune in chiropractic bills and feel loads better.

Dive Start Your Imagination: An adverse effect of increased efficiency is that your mind has more bandwidth to design innovative solutions to problems. A little thinking beyond the package might do wonders for your profession.

Easy Assembly And Storage: You can put together the CraftKitties monitor stand in under 10 minutes. It comes in 4 parts that snap into the location for seamless assembly and disassembly. Since it folds up flat, you can store it almost anywhere. Easy peasy!

It's Trusted and vigorous: The CraftKitties monitor holder is made of state-of-the-art log product, making it stable, trusted, and durable for the long run. It's stain-resistant and does not buckle with humidity, making it a sensible financial investment that you can use for several years to come.

Cost-Effective With Free Shipment: Delivery is one hundred percent free, and the CraftKitties monitor stand is cheap for almost any spending plan. We make it simple for you to update your life.
Purchase your future and health with a CraftKitties monitor stand. Numerous research studies conclude that keeping an eye on shelves is the method of the end and the option of high-performing specialists everywhere. Isn't it time that you joined them?

Why Do Physiotherapists Recommend Using a Monitor Stand?

The current research study found that eighty percent of the population now have a stand-based job, with sixty percent spending time in an extended position (according to physiology). With more of us opting and signing up with the digital transformation to work using our laptops, phones, and other technological gadgets, while this has offered us higher freedom, for some, this has also incurred some extra health expenses.

We chose to carry out some thorough research to examine the impact sitting has on our bodies. With some physiotherapists such as Brad Beer claiming, 'Put simply and in my professional and personal opinion our bodies were not developed to sit for 8 hours a day at a stand,' the requirement to alter our everyday routines and stay active is more vital than ever before as we continue to adapt to working from home!

Together with preserving a healthy way of life and balanced diet, there are likewise manner ins which you can enhance your productivity at work and optimize your energy levels. From improved posture to the prevention of neck and neck, and back pain, monitor stands are unquestionably becoming an essential part of the workspace. Although we're confident that our CraftKitties stand has numerous health advantages, we have spoken with the experts and gathered the top four factors physiotherapists recommend using a monitor stand.

Enhancing posture in the work environment using a monitor stand can help improve posture caused by stooping over a computer screen. When we sit, our hip flexors can typically be tight, our core is disengaged, and our backs and shoulders overextend, triggering back and neck discomfort. According to physios, the traditional posture of stand-bound is the anterior pelvic tilt, where you slope forward and put excess pressure on your spinal column.

Physiotherapists do, nevertheless, suggest some suggestions to enhance standing. These include attempting various regimens to discover what is right for you, basing on an anti-fatigue mat, and wearing comfy shoes. They likewise recommend taking regular breaks far from your computer screen by stretching. They also show that you relieve yourself into a monitor stand if you utilize it. If you have any postural problems, routinely change your position and incorporate movement into your day.
  1. Boosts productivity.

Physiotherapists have suggested using monitor stands as they improve your efficiency throughout the day. The monitor stands to vary your posture and combat the health dangers of sitting excessively by keeping you active at work.

The London Spinal column Clinic recommended that sit-stand stands have been clinically proven to improve your productivity and concentration and increase your imagination. This is because standing helps increase blood circulation around the body and, most importantly, the brain. Research study has even found that sit-stands stands can improve users' efficiency by between 10-20%!

  1. Reduces the threat of cancer.

Another reason physiotherapists advise using a monitor stand is that the research recommends that choosing to stand can help reduce the danger of cancer. A research study discovered that prolonged sitting could contribute to as numerous as forty-nine thousand cases of breast cancer and forty-three thousand cases of colon cancer each year in America.

The same research likewise discovered that substantial amounts of lung cancer, prostate cancer, endometrial cancer, and ovarian cancer might be related to excessive sitting.

  1. Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease.

Utilizing a monitor stand has also been proven to reduce the danger of heart disease. A 2009 study by Medibank Private showed that we spend seventy percent of our time at work sitting. In addition, around seventy percent of the whole work day (previously, throughout, and after work) is spent inactive, with exercise equating to less than 5 percent of our day. These stunning data highlight the amount of time we invest sitting and expose the increased risk of illness related to heart disease.

Grownups who invest two more hours sitting have a one-hundred and quarter increased danger of illness, consisting of chest discomfort and cardiac arrest, than those who sit less than two hours each day.
Additionally, the study found that males who spend more than 5 hours each day sitting outside of work were at twice the danger of cardiac arrest than those who sit for less than 2 hours daily beyond the workplace, regardless of exercise!


Together with using a monitor stand, physiotherapists motivate individuals to increase their postural strength through a course of medical pilates or workout conditioning. Plus, taking regular breaks can help you stay active and focus more on your work.

Taking a break to refill your water bottle is a great way to consume more water and get more steps in for the day by walking. Take little actions to improve your health by stretching frequently and drinking lots of water. Check out our short article on the best day-to-day stretches to do at work. Making minor modifications to your everyday schedules will have a more substantial impact with time and increase your efficiency and energy levels in the work environment!.
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