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The Best Office Desk Accessories for Small Spaces

The Best Office Desk Accessories for Small Spaces

Office desk accessories can make your workspace more comfortable and appealing. They can be used as decoration and can improve your wellbeing and productivity at work. They can also add personal touches to your desk. For example, a good mug can enhance your desk and encourage your coworkers to stay hydrated. A water bottle can also provide a nice touch. You can also buy stationary or notepads to help you get work done.


If you'd like to add some style to your workspace, consider purchasing desk organizers. These products can help keep your desk area organized, while providing extra storage for papers, magazines, and other things. You can also choose coordinating desk organizer collections, which add excitement to your office.

A good desk organizer helps you keep important items at your fingertips and prevents stress caused by clutter. Desk organizers are a must-have for any desk. Craft Kitties carries many different kinds of desk organizers to help you find the perfect one for your workspace. They can help you keep your stationary in place, stack up papers and files, and maximize desk space.

Why Wood Makes the Best Desk Accessories

A beautiful desk can make a world of difference in productivity. A cluttered workspace can lead to a cluttered mind. A well-organized workstation can also be more welcoming and productive. 



Walnut is an expensive hardwood that is dark, hard, dense and tight-grained. It's best known for its strength, grain and color. Walnut is often used in the manufacture of upscale furniture, musical instruments, and more.



Birchwood is a versatile wood that's native to the U.S. and Canada. Its yellowish wood is used in many different furniture products, from cabinets to shelves. Though it's not commonly used for furniture today, it is still a favorite because of its strong, durable properties. The most popular type is yellow birch, which is light in color and has a smooth, grained texture.

Birchwood monitor stands are especially beneficial for people with neck and shoulder problems. They prevent you from hunching over while you're working, relieving physical tension throughout your neck, shoulder, and lower back. In addition, they help keep your desktop looking tidy. You can also find laptop stands that double as bookstands and clamshell holder holders.

One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn't place solid wood outside, especially yellow birch wood. The elements can damage the wood even with the protective coatings. In addition, it's time-consuming to maintain wood furniture.



Bamboo desk accessories are a great way to enhance your workspace. They make working easier and can also improve the functionality of your desk. There are a lot of different types of accessories available, and they should be chosen according to your specific needs. For example, you can choose a desktop calendar or a pen holder.

Bamboo is an eco-friendly choice because it is a sustainable resource. Since it can be grown and mature in just five years, bamboo can be considered a renewable resource. It can also release up to 35% more oxygen than other trees, making it a pro-environmental choice. It is a great option if you're environmentally conscious and are looking for a desk accessory that supports the environment. Bamboo also has a distinctive beauty.

Bamboo desk accessories are also cheap and easy to acquire. These products are also lightweight, which makes them easier to move. Bamboo furniture is also very durable and won't be damaged easily. This makes it an ideal option for corporate relocations.

Eco-friendly Materials

The most sustainable desk accessories use renewable materials and minimize the carbon footprint. One of the best eco-friendly manufacturers, Craft Kitties, uses recycled wood and FSC-certified rosewood. They use carbon-neutral shipping and use 100% renewable electricity.

Eco-friendly materials also provide better quality and durability. For example, cork is an eco-friendly material that can be used in many different products. Cork desk accessories can be used to protect the desk surface from scratches and smudges. 

Which Desktop Accessories Are Right for You

Catchall Tray

There are several benefits to using catchall trays in your home. They are decorative and functional, making them a great addition to any room. Choosing a catchall tray with a cork base can be a great way to add a stylish element to your room. A cork base provides additional traction and is softer than a metal base.


Catchall trays are a wonderful option for people who want to keep their home organized. These trays are perfect for holding rings, small items, and other small items. You can use them in your bedroom to keep jewelry and other small jewelry items, or in the entryway to collect miscellaneous items.

If you want a beautiful, stylish catchall tray, you should consider the quality of the wood used in the frame. Wood is an organic material that is naturally non-slip, and it is also visually appealing. Most wood catchall trays are made from acacia grain, which is a beautiful material. The wood also has a carved-out nook.

A catchall tray will not only provide a place for your jewelry and other accessories, but it will also add personality to the room. It can be placed at the entrance to the house, on the coffee table, or even on the nightstand. Its versatility and style makes it a great addition to any home.

Vertical Laptop Stand

A vertical laptop stand is a handy accessory for keeping your laptop in an upright position. It is designed to prevent your laptop from sliding, ensuring that it's not accidentally knocked. The base of the stand is usually made from walnut, making it lightweight and durable. Flocking fabric inside prevents scratching and reduces corrosive damage. 


The laptop dock can also help protect your laptop from overheating. The built-in fan vents on your laptop help keep it cool, but it can still overheat when left on a flat surface for extended periods. With proper ventilation, your laptop can remain at a comfortable temperature.

A vertical laptop stand can improve your work productivity. It can help you save desk space and make your work more ergonomic. It can be used with a desk monitor or a laptop keyboard. 

A vertical laptop holder is a great addition to any desk. Whether you use it for personal or professional reasons, it will allow you to work in a more comfortable way, while ensuring that your laptop stays in the right position for optimal viewing. 

When choosing a vertical laptop stand, everyone checks its compatibility with your laptop, but you don't need to worry at all about this vertical laptop stand from Craft Kitties as it is compatible with all laptops.

Keyboard Wrist Rest

Using a keyboard wrist rest can be a great way to prevent wrist pain and improve comfort levels while typing. Fortunately, Craft Kitties offers a variety of wrist rest options at an affordable price. Craft Kitties has been selling wrist rests for over 10 years and is a trusted name in ergonomic products.


The Keyboard Wrist Rest is made from wood. These include walnut, red oak, rosewood, rubberwood. Each has a unique wood grain and color. A keyboard wrist rest should provide equal comfort for both wrists. It should also be durable and easy to clean.

Craft Kitties offers keyboard wrist rests in 3 different lengths. They are 30cm (11.8in), 36cm (14.1in), 44cm (17.3in), which can perfectly adapt to different types of keyboards

The bottom of the wrist rest also offers a non-slip sticker that allows the wrist rest to be attached to a desktop, making it a great option for those who want to sit in a natural position while typing.

Craft Kitties Wrist Rest is an excellent option. Its angled profile provides comfort to your wrist while gaming. It also has a protective bumper that prevents it from fraying. This wrist rest also prevents your keyboard from sliding around on the desk.


The best desk accessories are those made of wood. You may also want to invest in some ergonomic items. For instance, an ergonomic desk is a great way to reduce injuries caused by prolonged sitting. You may also want to consider a laptop stand and a wrist rest. The wrist rests will prevent wrist fatigue and reduce eye strain. You can also invest in a desk pad to protect your desk from scratches and damage.

Other useful desk accessories include footrests and adjustable keyboards and mice. The latter two can improve circulation and prevent injuries to the hips and ankles. Regardless of whether you use a traditional or ergonomic mouse, these items can help create the ideal work environment for you.

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