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Where to Put Toilet Paper Holder in Small Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, you may have trouble maintaining your bathroom and finding the best place for your toilet paper holder. you may find it difficult to organize and maintain your tiny bathroom space. Your toilet paper may keep falling out, or don't provide the right angle. It's not as problematic as you think.

In this article, you will get to know about all the ideas that can help you maintain your bathroom as well as help you find a perfect spot for your toilet paper holder. 

Mounting Options and Guidelines For Putting Toilet Paper Holder in a Small Bathroom

Every bathroom requires accessories like towels, soap dispensers, handwashes, showers, etc, however, the main accessory still remains the same “The Toilet Paper”. 


So where to put toilet paper holders in a small bathroom? You can arrange cupboards, racks, iron rods, and baskets to place bathroom accessories with decorating ideas to give your bathroom a sleek look.

According to the guidelines of NKBA and ADA, you should install a toilet paper holder approx 26 inches over the floor and about 10-13 inches away from your toilet. This helps to reach out for toilet paper without any certain struggle and have enough space between your commode and holder.

Special racks can be made to utilize the space around the commode, including a toilet tank for hanging toilet paper holders, or an in-wall space that can adequately place the toilet paper holder in a small bathroom. 

Ideas to Put Toilet Paper Holder on the Wall

Most often, a toilet paper holder is mounted on the wall on the right side of the commode. You can use the face-in and face-out positions for toilet paper. With the face in position, a cleaner look can be achieved, and there is less risk of being touched by children and pets. The face-out position can be easier to grab the toilet paper immediately without soiling other things.


Also, there may be different ways to place the dispenser in the bathroom, as improper or inaccessible placement of the dispenser can be an open invitation for various germs and infections.

Let's take a look at some wall-mounted toilet paper roll storage ideas. 

  • Buy a toilet paper holder and attach it to the right side of the wall.
  • You can hang a mesh storage bin or wall cabinet for a toilet paper holder. 
  • With a homemade shelf, you can easily access the side wall of the toilet bowl.
  • A wall-mounted shelf can be made of wood or an iron rod attached to the toilet tank. 
  • Instead of drilling into the wall, you can use rent-friendly hanging baskets and shelves.
  • You can make wall art with fabric or wooden frames to hang toilet paper. 


The most annoying part comes when the toilet paper falls off, to avoid this you must keep it fixed around a rod. You can hang extra toilet paper rolls with the fabric sewn according to the width of the roll and hang it with the toilet paper holder. An unusual toilet roll storage can be done with wood ply, shelves, and rods. You can make an organizer for placing bathroom accessories with a ladder and iron baskets.

How to Store Toilet Paper Long Term?


This question always confuses people. What is the best place to store toilet paper? Some places are damp, which leads to poor condition of toilet paper. The best places where you can store toilet paper for a long time are the cabinet or tank of the toilet.

Ideas to put Toilet Paper over the Toilet Tank

Small bathroom spaces can be organized well when everything is placed in a decent manner in their determined spot, including towels, soap, shower accessories, and personal grooming gadgets. You can utilize the place over the toilet tank to adorn your toilet paper holder. You can also use fabric, wooden racks, iron rods, and macrame to hang toilet paper rolls. Here we will be suggesting  different and diverse designs and shapes for toilet paper holders over the toilet tank.

1.Wall-mounted Wire Storage Baskets and Racks


All you need wire baskets and iron rods for this setup. Drill the wall over the toilet tank for placing iron rods. Secure the rod firmly and then hang iron baskets on it. You can use large hooks to hang them. Now, you can place your toilet paper rolls there. You can add more iron baskets to store extra tissue rolls or place embellishing accessories to adorn the area. 

Ready-made wire storage racks are also available in the market. You can buy and place it on the toilet tank, and also, there is a vertical wire rack made explicitly for toilet paper. It can be hung over the side of the toilet tank.

2.Floating Bathroom Shelf


The floating shelves are most of the time utilized to arrange and organize toiletries in small bathroom spaces. You can buy it from the market or DIY it on your own. You need to join four pieces of wood in a square frame. Hang it over the toilet tank, and set up your toilet paper rolls over it.

Some creativity and customization can be shown on the shelf by placing a rod to hang toilet paper rolls. It will provide easy access to toilet paper, and you do not have to grab the whole tissue roll in your hands. 


3.Free Hanging Baskets and Macrame


If you are creative and love aesthetic set-ups, then you can surely use free hangings baskets and even macrame to put toilet paper holders in them. It will look cozy, if color combinations are chosen wisely, to make it look extraordinary. Old stuff can be recycled to create a unique toilet paper holder, like old cabinets and drawers. 

Ideas to put Toilet Paper on the Floor


Floor settings in small bathrooms are also trendy nowadays. You can utilize various floor racks, baskets, and stands for putting the accessories in sequence. The most recommended idea is to  use large baskets, small baskets, and wooden racks to put toilet paper holders there. The bottom drawer of the vanity is the best place to keep extra toilet paper rolls.

If you use wooden or iron racks on the floor to put the toilet paper, then make sure it has a rod to hang usable toilet paper rolls. Special racks for the floor are available that can hold one toilet paper roll at a time. The floor settings in the small bathroom can sometimes look messy. There must be closets, racks, and other organizers to cleanly display toilet paper rolls and other accessories.

Best Toilet Paper holders Online Buy

1.Red Oak Toilet Paper Holder | Double Brass Tube


This toilet paper holder is made with red oak and walnut wood. It is available in two styles: single brass tubes and double brass tubes. The dual rods are made to keep the toilet paper roll safe from water and germs. The wood used in the holder is of premium quality and free from deformation and decay. It is waterproof and can be mounted in the small bathroom spaces over the toilet tank. The metal parts are resistant to rust and look elegant and unique. You can place phones, watches, or other accessories on it as well.


2.Walnut Toilet Paper Holder | Double Brass Tube


This holder has premium quality product used in its manufacture, as red oak and walnut material is used in its making. It is manufactured to give an elegant look in small bathrooms. The toilet paper roll is secured with dual rods and won’t fall out. The waterproof and high-quality rack is durable because of its resistance to decay and deformation. High-quality aluminum is used in the rods. Bathroom accessories or decorating items can be organized on the wooden shelf of the holder to maintain your bathroom in an aesthetic manner.


3.Red Oak Toilet Paper Holder With Shelf


This unique holder with a shelf has been made with red oak and walnut wood. It is a safe toilet paper holder for toilet paper rolls, with a secured metal rod. The holder is attractive because of its perfect craftsmanship. It provides a luxurious look to your small bathroom spaces and allows you to keep different accessories in it. The small square design on the side of the shelf is to place decorating items for a pleasant look. It is an easy-to-install shelf that is pasted with glue on the wall.

4.Red Oak Minimalist Toilet Paper Holder


Walnut and red oak are used in this holder to make it reliable and sturdy. This holder keeps your toilet paper roll safe and looks like decorative embellishments  in your small bathroom. It is an easy-to-install holder with deeper brackets. You will be provided with strong glue to paste it on the wall. It will securely paste the holder within 72 hours. You will enjoy the advantages of this holder for a long time because of its sturdy construction and elegant look.


5.Red Oak Design Toilet Paper Holder


The holder is manufactured with 100% solid wood and a minimalist Classique design. This environment friendly toilet paper holder is convenient to paste on the wall and is versatile. The solid crossbar holds the roll firmly, and the upper shelf can be used to place decorative items or your smartphone while using the toilet. It will remain functional for a long time due to its incredible construction with premium material. 


This article will surely help you maintain your bathroom in a clean and aesthetic manner. All the details given are proven and experimented by our professionals. We hope that this familiarization with new and cool toilet paper holder ideas will help you in certain ways to improve the look of your tiny personal space. The baskets, rods and holders are great ideas, which are easy to use, durable and pocket friendly as well. Head over to Craft Kitties to browse through the range of toilet paper holders and bathroom accessories for perfect and reliable designs.
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