Entryway Key Rack Wood Accessories Tray

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Valet tray organizer for desk, handcrafted jewelry plate. If you're a fan of the natural wood finish, you will love this valet tray or desk organizer. Made from 100% natural hardwood Maple, Beech or Walnut. This organizer will help you keep all of your jewelry neatly organized and separately displayed. The modern design will work perfectly for women, men and teens.

Choose the size you'd like for your valet tray. Add some rustic charm to your desk with this handcrafted desk organizer, valet tray, jewelry plate, or desk caddy for desk tools. Your valet tray is made from one piece of hardwood that will not split or crack. If you are looking for a desk accessory that will stay in place, this is it! Perfect for home or office desks, exciting gifts and more.


  • Height: 195mm
  • Width: 85mm
  • Depth: 220mm