Incense Holder
Incense Holder
Incense Holder

Incense Holder

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Material: Red Oak

Dimensions: Box is about 25cm (9.84 inches) long, 4.0cm (1.57 inches) wide and 4.0cm (1.57 inches) high.

Beautiful storage solutions for your favourite incense.

Wooden incense box is the result of true artwork from gifted craftsmen,Why keep your incense in the original packing when you could have it in a special incense box?

Burning incense is a spiritual and sensual experience - placing an incense on an incense holder to burn is an act of meditation that deserves only the finest materials and equipment.

A hand carved wooden box.The box also has flame retardant cotton to enable the burning of incense cones. Once burning the lid can be closed and the smoke then can drift out through the perforations in the wood.

Made from high quality wood and these boxes are beautifully finished with a smooth polished feel and fine grain patterns.

The craftsmanship is of a good standard. A great idea to have a storage box and burner in one. And it is attractive to have the smoke seep out with the lid closed.