Wooden Walnut Squared Tray | Home Office Desk Tray

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We’ve chosen the finest, solid, premium Walnut wood for each of our plates to produce an extremely durable, premium finish with a beautiful, visible wooden grain, and silky, smooth, sanded edges for splinter-free serving and everyday use.

Choose from a wide range of creative, natural designs from raised edge serving trays, perfect for nuts and snacks, a classic squared dinner plate, or a creative, fun bunny-style plate with oversized ears and completely separate sections for use with serving different fruits and snacks!

Why Choose our Premium, Solid Wood Walnut Plates?

- Solid Walnut Construction; Size: 205mm X 150mm X 15mm
- Beautiful Wood Grain Finish; Finished in dark natural walnut with a visible grain and sanded smooth for splinter free use!
- Moisture-Proof Coating; Great for use with nuts, fruit & snacks, and can be easily wiped clean after use!
- Wide Range of Uses; Choose from a raised edge serving tray style plate, extra fun, kid friendly farmyard animals, or dinner plates, with sectioned dividers for use with serving different snacks and fruit!

And the Best Part?

Our Plates make the perfect, eco friendly gifting choice for Birthdays, Christmases, Thanksgiving, and any other occasion to add a natural rustic, eco friendly piece of gorgeous Walnut, that’ll be used for years to come!

Our Wood Plate is not dishwasher safe, and is made from natural wood, and therefore may slightly vary in colour and wood grain. Please leave your phone number for shipping when placing an order.