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5 Best Items of Wood Desk Accessories & Organizers

5 Best Items of Wood Desk Accessories & Organizers

Why do you like to have whimsical accessories on your desk? Do you think they are inspiring? Certainly not your typical desk accessories. If you want your accessories on your office desk to be as unique as you are, you should make them too. You can decorate your home office desk with as many quirky or off-the-wall wooden-style desk accessories as possible.
Ultimately, it's your desk setup, so choosing items that speak to you is important. Here are some of the most unusual work desk accessories and desk organizers available to give you some inspiration. You won’t find cute flower pots and photo frames here. You might want to display pieces from your prized collections on your desk to add personality. These unique desk decors will enhance your home office desk beyond the ordinary.
Are you looking for Timeless office décor that you can use regardless of your home space? This list contains the coolest desk accessories.

1. The Valet Tray

Even the smaller items in your day-to-day life should be well-designed and well-made — right down to your selection of one of the best valet trays to keep all your essentials organized. It’s something that can add a sense of routine and purpose to your day — arrive home, place your essentials in the Valet Tray from Craft Kitties, then go about your evening. Made from North American Walnut, this is a prime valet tray selection.
The best design is sometimes the most simple and straightforward — no fuss and no frills, just quality and attention to detail … sans all the bells and whistles other brands tend to clutter into their designs. With simple symbols meant to call out space for your keys, your wallet and other EDC must-haves. It’s a steal for something you’ll use every single day.

2. Mouse and Keyboard Wrist Rest

When you’re on the hunt for a more comfortable experience working or gaming, a wrist rest’s design and materials heavily factor into the final feel. The best keyboard wrist rests keep your wrists aligned for optimum typing form.
They need to be long, wide, and thick enough for your keyboard with enough cushioning to comfortably keep your wrists in line with the rest of the hand. You also have to decide if you want a matching mouse wrist rest.
Wood wrist rests are probably the most attractive and durable models. They have a smooth polished surface that comes to a gentle peak to better fit the wrist.

3. Wooden Mouse Pad

What your mouse pad is made out of will have a pretty big impact on your daily work. Using a poor-quality mouse pad may even perform worse than simply using your mouse flat on your desk.
Going for a wood material that’s easy to keep tidy is highly recommended. Keeping your mouse pad clean (and removing old snack stains and crumbs) should be routine maintenance, as it prolongs the life of the pad.On the opposite side, having a mouse pad that is made out of the finest of materials will be beneficial in terms of improving your in-game precision and stability on your desk.

4. Wooden Monitor Stand

Monitor is one of the biggest items that most people have on their desks. It actually takes a lot more space then most people think as most of the space around the monitor isn't usable space. However there is a way to reclaim all that lost space and achieve more ergonomic monitor setup with using monitor risers.
There are many different versions of these monitor stands, however ones with storage space or a drawer offer the most productivity in our opinion.
There are usually three colors that wooden monitor stands are offered in. These are natural, beige or white, dark. You will most like want to pick a color similar to your desk as this will create a more natural look on your desk.
Storage and space isn't the only benefit these monitors stands bring to the table. They also raise the monitor in such a way that It is ergonomically lot more healthier for your viewing and sitting.

5. Walnut Vertical Laptop Stand

A regular laptop stand will help prop your device up at a height and angle that’s more comfortable for using over long periods of time. It usually consists of an open design where your laptop can sit, offering easy access to the keyboard and trackpad. Raising it off the ground also boosts airflow, while offering space for other accessories on a desk.
A vertical laptop stand is altogether different. This is designed to securely hold the laptop in place when the screen is not in use. Unlike the regular version, you have no access to the keyboard or trackpad when it’s in the vertical stand. This makes it great for connecting to an external display, or to just store it out of the way more effectively.
Craft Kitties vertical laptop stand is made of a combination of hardwood (walnut). It's a beautiful and minimalist solution for those who use their laptop with a external monitor.


Desk organizers are a dime a dozen, but they themselves can actually be a source of headaches when they take over your workspace. No one can perfectly predict how much stuff we’ll accumulate over the years. It can be difficult to persuade yourself to sit down and get to work. However, the process is made a little easier when you arrive at a cool, fully equipped desk. Maintaining motivation throughout the workday requires some cool desk accessories. Gifts that brighten the cubicle and promote invention can be a great motivator for those coworkers who dread long hours at the office.
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