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How Should We Relieve Office Wrist Pain?

How Should We Relieve Office Wrist Pain?

Mouse and keyboard-related wrist pain are more frequent than you might realize. According to statistics, at least 1.8 million workers experience repetitive strain injuries each year (RSI). Additionally, 600,000 of these employees take time off for medical treatment. Therefore, we can conclude that hand pain caused by using a computer mouse or keyboard impacts your physical and mental health.
Different factors can contribute to wrist pain from the mouse and keyboard, like wrist pain from typing. Some of these might result from RSI or medical conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. It might also be the result of poor posture. Finding the cause of the issue is crucial if you want to treat wrist pain when using a mouse and keyboard. After that, you can begin considering potential answers.
In today's article, we'll look at some of the best ways to treat wrist pain from using a mouse and keyboard and the various factors that can contribute to the problem.

What Leads to Mouse and Keyboard-Related Wrist Pain?

First, although they are not the actual cause of the pain, your mouse and keyboard are a risk factor. Studies have shown that we frequently use our mouse and keyboard rather than the keyboard, which increases the likelihood of experiencing pain and discomfort.
When using a mouse and keyboard, you must remain still and make the same motions repeatedly. This motion can become uncomfortable after a while, and eventually, it will feel painful. These motions have the potential to worsen work-related musculoskeletal disorders.
If using a mouse and keyboard causes your palm to hurt, you should also take the following conditions into account:
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome - when swollen tendons begin pressing against a nerve in the wrist. It hurts, and in more severe cases, surgery might be necessary.
  • Cubital tunnel syndrome - Swollen tendons bring on this condition in your elbow instead of your wrists.
  • Arthritis - Although arthritis can have a variety of causes, it ultimately manifests as stiffness, pain, and swelling in the joints.
We strongly advise you to see a doctor to get the proper care if you believe you might be suffering from one of these conditions.
You can take steps to reduce wrist pain from the mouse and keyboard and continue working comfortably as you did before.

How Can Mouse and Keyboard Wrist Pain Be Alleviated?

If using a mouse and keyboard makes your palm ache, there are various ways to stop it—or at least feel some relief. Your physical and mental health will improve by evaluating these solutions and enhancing your working environment.

Use An Ergonomic Mouse And Keyboard Instead Of Your Current Ones

Your keyboard and mouse may occasionally cause your pain and discomfort. If you believe that to be the case, you might consider switching it out for an ergonomic option. The variations between each choice are as follows:
  • Regular mice and keyboards are flat, but you must twist them to use them, frequently requiring more strength.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic keyboards and mice let you place your hand in a neutral position. They are reasonably simple to hold and fit the size of your hand.
The market offers a variety of ergonomic keyboards and mice. You can select the choice you believe is best for you.

Use A Mouse And Keyboard Wrist Pad

You can use your mouse and keyboard continuously while keeping your wrist supported and comfortable at all times if you use the mouse and keyboard wrist pads or ergonomic wrist rests. If you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk, these items can be a great addition to your workspace.
The Deltahub Carpio, which fits most hands and works well with your mouse and keyboard, is among the best options. Furthermore, because of how portable it is, you can use it wherever you choose to work while still feeling comfortable.
Cheap and a great place to start, wrist rests for mouse and keyboard pads are a great way to start investing in your health. We also advise you to consider one of the top keyboard wrist rests. When using either of the two resources, your wrists can be fully supported in this way.

Hand And Wrist Exercises

You can occasionally relax some tension by doing hand and wrist exercises while working. You'll be more at ease when you resume your job.

Practice The Proper Desk Posture

Our working posture can also affect how our hands and other body parts feel afterward. Therefore, learning how to sit correctly is essential if you want to stop experiencing wrist pain from the mouse and keyboard.
  • Position your keyboard and mouse as close to your keyboard as you can. When you stop typing and raise your arm to use it, you won't have to exert as much effort to reach it. Replace your keyboard, if necessary, with a smaller model, such as a 60% or 50% keyboard.
  • Place yourself properly in your chair. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed, and place your forearms 90 degrees apart from the floor from your desk. If at all possible, make the armrests on your chair match the height of your desk.
  • To sit as straight as possible, adjust your chair. Make sure your legs are at a 90o angle with the floor as you lean your back against the backrest.

Have A Rest

Remember to take breaks after a few minutes of working to avoid becoming overly worn out. We've been told by society that productivity requires constant work. This behavior may impact your physical and mental health.
Try scheduling work session times and breaks if you frequently forget to take breaks. A timer that sounds when the work session is finished, and the break begins, etc., can be helpful to you.


It's a common issue, but like everything else in life, wrist pain from using a mouse and keyboard can be resolved. You might need to alter your lifestyle in a few small but significant ways, which can initially seem like a lot of work. You'll be inspired to keep up with them once you realize how far you've come. You'll become more productive and efficient in addition to feeling more energized.
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