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How to Choose a Catch all Tray for Yourself

How to Choose a Catch all Tray for Yourself

A catch all tray does exactly what its name implies: It corrals small, easy-to-lose items like your keys, wallet, or jewelry in one readily accessible place. They're essential if you have a penchant for losing these items; keeping everything in one consistent spot makes them easier to find in a pinch. And while these trays certainly have an important job, they can be stylish, too—you never have to sacrifice form for function. Ahead, several of our favorite catchalls, from marble and leather dishes to ceramic iterations.
But how to choose the right material and style for us?

The difference between catchall trays

Wooden Catch all Tray

Wood is always a classic material for trays, whether you’re serving up a meal or looking for a place to put your trinkets. It’s organic, naturally non-slip, and has a decorative accent that stands the test of time. This wooden catchall tray by Craft Kitties has a handsome grain (natural variation is to be expected) and a carved-out nook to prop your phone up, keep a wedding ring or glasses that you don’t want to scratch.

Wireless Charging Tray

Most catchall trays are used to hold your phone at one point or another, and this high-tech wireless charging tray ensures that you never hit low battery. Available in expensive-looking neutrals like walnut, this gorgeous tray wirelessly charges your phone or AirPods. Just place it on the charging pad and let your battery recharge — no wires required. The bottom is non-slip and weighted so you don’t have to worry about your precious belongings.

Leather Catch all Tray

In search of a leather valet tray that won’t break the bank? The leather valet tray comes in a range of distressed colors and features folded corners, offering a simple design with attention to detail. It comes in both small and large sizes, so you can personalize it for your needs. There’s even a slot added in so you can slip your phone charging cable through it without it getting tangled up in the tray’s other belongings. A tray with a rugged look, and a focus on craftsmanship.

Brass Catch all Tray

There are two common styles of brass trays, single-layer and double-layer designs.Two-tiered tray has more than enough space for all your necessities, displaying them in a unique way. Consider keeping larger items like wallets, bigger pieces of jewelry and glasses on the larger bottom tray, while the top can house belongings like earrings, keys, or cuff links. The matte brass finish adds warmth without being tacky. A clutter-free storage system that you can be proud to place on any surface, from dressers to credenzas.

Clear Acrylic Catch all Tray

Have plenty of decor in your home and don’t want to make it look too busy? Invest in a clear acrylic catchall tray like this one, which is as minimalist as you can get. Just remember that because it’s transparent, you may have to clean it more regularly — on see-through items, even a little grime will be more visible. Still, it’s durable and includes rubber grips, so it’s not sliding around on your tables and countertops.

Set of 3 Modern Decorative Nesting Trays

When one tray doesn’t cut it, opt for some nesting catchall trays as an alternative. Nesting trays are modular organizers that fit inside each other, letting you maximize space when they’re not in use, and providing trays of three different sizes, to house all your belongings accordingly. The oval shape pairs well with the attractive colors (each tray is a different shade) and while the bigger trays are plastic, the smallest is wood, making it the perfect size to double as a coaster when it’s not in use.

Stone Decorative Tray

Marble always has such a classy and timeless look that somehow goes with every aesthetic. Some buyers used it as a bathroom counter organizer to prevent leaks from creams and related products, but other shoppers got creative with its catch-all potential, with one saying, “Perfect size to hold my coasters, remotes and a plant.” The weighty dish is also easy to wipe clean. Keep it by your bedside, foyer or desk.
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