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What is a Catch all Tray?

What is a Catch all Tray?

If you’re trying to organize small objects in your entryway, your bathroom, vanity, office, or coffee table, a catch all tray is a smart (and attractive!) investment. Catchall trays or valet trays come in all shapes, sizes, and materials and are meant to corral like items on a surface.
Use a catchall tray for keys, on your vanity to display jewelry, on your desk to collect loose change, and more. If you’re a person who is regularly misplacing small items then a well placed valet tray might be the perfect solution for you.

What is a Catch all Tray?

Catch all trays, known by some as valet trays, are the ultimate way to keep your personal belongings organized. There’s nothing worse than needing to get to work or go meet a friend, only to find that you’ve somehow misplaced your keys, wallet or phone. The right catchall tray can help you keep track of all those small and easy-to-lose items that you rely on daily. It can add a sense of organization to the chaos and can help reduce the stress that comes with misplacing important things.
The best catchall trays will provide a home for your accessories while adding personality to whatever room they’re placed in. You can place these vessels by the front entrance of your home, on a coffee table, or even your nightstand. The combination of style statement and decluttering power makes this a must-have buy in our eyes. From mid-century wood to modern ceramic, there are endless aesthetics to choose from. There are even high-tech options that charge your phone while storing it alongside other objects.
Factors to consider include size (what EDC items will you be storing?) as well as the material used and quality of it. For instance, if you’re someone that likes to toss your keys from afar, a highly delicate porcelain material might not be the best idea. Some trays have a softer look, while others use more rigid, solid materials. Below, we’ve navigated the top 15 catchall trays for men, curated to fit your every need.

Types of Catch all trays

Wooden Catchall Tray

The wooden catchall tray is generally made of walnut.The wood valet tray is perfect to hold your watch, jewelry, or phone. Also perfect for organizing your desktop items such as pens, pencils, and paperclips. No longer will you need to experience lost keys or find your TV remote. Additionally, it would be a great place to keep credit cards, wallet or loose coins from your pocket when you get home from a long day. The possibilities are endless with one of these trays. Not only are they useful for your home, but they make great gifts, too!

Leather Catchall Tray

Consider a leather catchall tray for a more natural, masculine look. The general Leather Catchall Tray is made of cowhide and is of very good quality.It’s the perfect size for holding loose change and keys. Many guys placed one next bedside to hold their watch and cell phone at night.
Leather Catchall Tray also comes with different pattern designs, which can meet most people's buying choices.

Ceramic Catchall Tray

From more rustic stoneware and earthenware to classic porcelain, ceramic catchall trays can be beautiful in any home. We love hunting for vintage ceramic pieces at local thrift stores. They’re so versatile! You use some in my kitchen to prepare and serve food and set others on your vanity to display delicate jewelry.

Brass Catchall Tray

Brass and other metal catchalls are another classic material. They can add a touch of sophistication in a traditional office, on a coffee table, or on a vanity. One thing to keep in mind with brass is that it will require occasional polishing to maintain its lustre.

Enamel Catchall Tray

Enamel is durable, long lasting, and lightweight. They are produced in a variety of colors and designs that can range from sophisticated to playful.
Enamel has been a popular material for kitchen and household use for years because of its rust-free and surface-sealing properties. It’s also incredibly easy to clean! Because of their durability and lighter weight, enamel catchall trays are great for corralling small kids toys and art activities.
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How to Choose a Catch all Tray for Yourself

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