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Do You Need A Monitor Riser?

Do You Need A Monitor Riser?

Many businesses today have altered their business practices. This includes allowing employees to work from the comfort of their own home offices. Whether you work from home or run your own business, establishing a proper ergonomic setup can be difficult. On the other hand, creating a space-saving desk setup does not have to be complicated. A monitor stand could be the answer for your home office.
Your home office could be light years ahead of the standard office setup with a wood riser. You no longer have to slouch to keep your screen at eye level or deal with unnecessary clutter. Monitor stands hold computer monitors and laptops in convenient and comfortable positions. They can be attached to desks, walls, or ceilings to improve ergonomics in your home office.

The Most Important Advantages of a Monitor Stand

Using a shelf riser will provide numerous benefits regardless of how you arrange your home office. Monitor stands from Craft Kitties are ideal for home office workers who sit, stand, or do both in various configurations. We'll go over why adding a monitor riser is essential for modernizing your home office and achieving healthy ergonomics.

1. Desk Configuration to Save Space

Examine your computer's desktop. How much room does your monitor currently occupy? Can you easily reach items that you frequently use? Lack of desk space is a common issue in home offices and harms work efficiency. Staying productive and distraction-free requires a space-saving desk setup.
A monitor riser stand may be the answer to organizing your desk setup. Our Craft Kitties wooden monitor stand is designed specifically for monitor adjustment in small spaces. You no longer have to arrange your workspace around your monitor. Its simple design lifts your monitor off your desk and leaves plenty of room for other materials. Its cable management system will also keep wires and cables from cluttering your workspace. You can find space for your cup of coffee or leave it empty in a decluttered workspace.

2. Monitor Configuration Options

Poor posture, neck pain, and eye strain are common side effects of staring at a computer screen in a fixed position for several hours. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, musculoskeletal disorders are frequently associated with poor ergonomics.
An adjustable monitor in your home office encourages good posture, which reduces musculoskeletal pain and increases productivity. We studied 335 computer-using office workers to discover a link between our monitor arms and healthy ergonomics. More than half of pc shelf users reported reduced neck flexion. Another 42.5 percent reported reduced torso tension.

3. Improved Viewing Angle During Video Calls

Meetings and video calls can frequently feel intimate. A wrong webcam angle can make you appear unprofessional and uninterested in the meeting. If your webcam is mounted to the screen, ensure it is at eye level.
Craft Kitties wood monitor stands can assist you in achieving a better viewing angle during video calls. Our products include tilt and swivel, height adjustment, and screen rotation features to maximize your viewing capabilities. The best part is that you can change the position of your monitor at any time. You can adjust your screen just before a video call, then return to your regular work mode.

4. A more professional appearance

Take into account the overall atmosphere of your home office. Is it professional looking and feels like a proper office? It's time to make changes if your home office feels more like a spare room than an office. When upgrading your home office, installing one of our desktop stands could be a great place to start.
A monitor stand does not have to be an eyesore in your home office. We have various products that will complement your home's décor.

Choose the Best Monitor stand for Your Home Office

The bottom line is that having a monitor stand in your home office will benefit you. However, the best one for you is determined by your ergonomic requirements. Do you intend to work from home indefinitely? Are you using more than one monitor?
Please browse our selection of monitor stands to find the right one for you.
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